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School Policies

Admission Policy

There are two admission windows through which students can be admitted into the college:

  1. Applicants from primary school that meet the age criteria into JS1 will apply through advertised application in April /May.
  2. Applicants into SS1 class from a recognized school will apply through the mid-stream admission path. A mid-stream admission is when a student already studying in a recognized school is admitted into the college. Students who are seeking for admission through the path of mid-stream will undergo a set of examination. 

Successful candidate in these examinations will produce his/her last 2 terms examination results from the school where he/ she is leaving from.  The performance of the applicant from his / her Continuous / Assessment and examination results and meeting the average cut off mark in SVIC tests will form part of the criteria for consideration for admission into the college.

In both cases, prospective applicants must sit for the entrance examination.  Only successful applicants will be invited for oral interview. The dates and centers for examinations are published in the school website, media and college notice board.


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