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Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

SVIC runs a combination of the Nigerian and British curriculum, preparing our students for local examinations (Junior Secondary Certificate Examination, Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) and International examinations) International General Certificate of Secondary Education(I GCSE), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SATs A levels) and Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL).

At SVIC, we render a broad and knowledge rich curriculum. The curriculum of the Junior Secondary school (J.S.S) is designed to provide a sound foundation for prevocational and academic excellence.  It includes all the basic subjects which prepare students to acquire knowledge and the required skills on which they can build a great future.

In the Senior Secondary school, the maximum number of subjects a student can offer is nine. However, in SS1 and SS2 students are entitled to choose up to eleven subjects.

SVIC provides comprehensive learning experiences through her dynamic curriculum which is a perfect blend of the Nigerian and British curriculum.


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